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dual mono

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149 000 kr


Channels -2

RCA inputs -1

XLR inputs -1

Input impedance - 47Kohm

Power on 8Ω load - 250

Power on 4Ω load - 500

Power on 2Ω load - 950

Power Amp gain - 26db

Sensitivity(8Ω output nominal power) - 2.3Vrms

Frequency Response(Att. 0dB, -3dB band) - 110KHz

1WDimensions(HxWxD) - 221x450x428 mm

Weight - 41.2 Kg

Audio Analogue was born in that beautiful part of Tuscany between Pistoia, Lucca and Pisa in 1995. The synergy between experts of high fidelity, electronic engineers specialized in various fields of electronic design and sales managers with years of experience in various sectors could only create the base of what is Audio Analogue today: a company, but mostly a brand among the most renowned in Italy and around the world to satisfy the palates of the most demanding audiophiles.

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