Vinnie Rossi Integrated Expand

Vinnie Rossi Integrated

Vinnie Rossi


Makalös hybridförstärkare från USA. Topptestad, ett antal "Best in Show"

Lägg til DAC och /eller Phonostage

Vi har kört VR Integrated i butiken med "Best in Show-kombo" dvs QLN P3.

Och det är någon form av ... trolldom i den där förstärkaren.


Mer detaljer

195 000 kr


  • Class-A, ultra wide bandwidth, dual 6SN7 octal triodes.  Also compatible with CV181, 6N8P and 6BL7 tube families. 
  • Dual-mono layout patented Belleson super regulator feed for ultra-quiet linear voltage regulation of the triodes, and the (optional) L2 DAC and L2 Phonostage modules
  • Discrete, 64-step resistor ladder volume control using Pickering England silent signal relays
  • True active balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) line level inputs and preamplifier outputs
  • Internal “tube bypass mode” switches (replaces tube linestage with a Class-A JFET stage)
  • Included tubes: EH6SN7 (matched pair)
  • Full-function aluminum remote control handset

L2i Features (Power output stage) 

  • Wide-bandwidth, purist Class AB MOSFET topology (only one pair of output devices)
  • True dual-mono power supply with custom-wound toroidal power supply transformers
  • WBT NextGen 0703cu Speaker Binding Posts
  • Speaker outputs can be switched on/off via the front panel

Additional Features

  • Solid, precision CNC machined aluminum chassis and “bank vault,” ball bearing control knobs
  • Solid, precision CNC machined aluminum isolation base with Stillpoints ULTRA MINI feet
  • Designed and manufactured by Vinnie Rossi in the USA
  • 10-year warranty

Output Power:
(Tested with 120Vac input)

100W RMS per channel into 8-ohms (170W RMS per channel into 4-ohms)

Output Impedance:

Approx. 0.1 ohm

Input Impedance:

Approx. 10k ohm (RCA and XLR inputs)

Frequency Response:

0.5Hz – 100kHz (+/- 1dB, with stock EH6SN7 tubes)
0.5Hz – 150kHz (+/- 1dB, with Tube Bypass Mode Enabled)

Voltage Gain:

32dB (with stock EH6SN7 tubes)
24dB (Tube Bypass Mode Enabled)

THD+N (with stock EH6SN7 tubes):

Less than 0.5%

THD+N (Tube Bypass Mode Enabled):

Less than 0.01%

AC Input:

Factory configured for 110-120Vac, or 220-240Vac (50/60Hz)


Fused inputs for linestage and power output stage sections
MOV (AC input surge protection) 
Output short circuit protection

Dimensions (with isolation base installed):

Approx. 438mm x 368mm x 154mm


Approx. 23kg

Shipping weight:

Approx. 27kg

Volume control:

Balance control:

64 steps (approx. 1dB per step) from -∞ to +8dB

24 steps from L to R (approx. 1db per step)

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