Artnovion Siena Wood Expand

Artnovion Siena Wood

Artnovion Acoustics



Arbetar mellan 250-5000 hz.

Säljes i 6-pack.

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7 390 kr



Absorption treatment range: 250 Hz to 5000 Hz
High efficiency absorber

Fixing System: Fixart Tube l Fixart Metal | GlueArt
FG | 595x595x63mm

Siena Acoustic Panel

Made of wood from renewable sources, the Siena Absorber is a premium acoustic panel for the hi-end segment with an absorption treatment range between 250 Hz and 5000 Hz. Developed to bring you the perfect balance between design and quality, Siena Absorber is a timeless acoustic panel that offers you the opportunity to create your own ambience with a natural touch. This highly efficient and sustainable Siena panel can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings.

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