Artnovion Sahara Wood Expand

Artnovion Sahara Wood

Artnovion Acoustics



Arbetar mellan 350-8000 hz.

Säljes i 6-pack.

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13 090 kr



Absorption treatment range: 350 Hz to 8000 Hz (Regulated by installation method)

Material: Wood - MDF FG or MDF FR+ 
Fixing System: 
Fixart Tube l Fixart Metal | GlueArt

FG: 595x595x66mm | 1190x595x66mm

Sahara Acoustic Panel 

Sahara panels are the forerunners of the next generation of acoustic panels. Completely adaptable. Completely customizable. Unique for each environment. A good acoustic treatment lies in the correct ratio between absorption and diffusion. Sahara can regulate both, without changing its seamless organic pattern, allowing you to fully embrace the architectural style of your space without worrying about different panel placement.
Sahara’s secret lies in its organic pattern, allowing you to increase the absorbative areas and change the morphology of the diffusing ridges, producing a panel truly tailor-made to your needs.

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