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dCBL-CAT7u is a new network cable that is an upgraded version of the dCBL-CAT7. If you have already experi- enced significant sound quality improvement from the previous version, the dCBL-CAT7, the dCBL-CAT7u is the Ultra version of the dCBL-CAT7, so you can expect more than that.

The main reason is that the dCBL-CAT7u is tuned and born in an ultra-high-performance network audio system that connects a sCLK-OCX10 and 3set of sNH-10G in series with the dCBL-CAT7 and an iSO-CAT6. The sound of such a system is very precise and precise enough to express the subtle nuances of the performer as well as the slightest airiness of the background. The dCBL-CAT7u is probably the only ethernet cable tuned to perfection in such a perfectionist system.

If you connect the dCBL-CAT7u to this system, between a network player and the third sNH-10G which is the last stage of the system’s Ethernet connection, it provides a clear improvement in sound transparency and textures. It serves as a medium that makes it more clear what the performer is expressing and what the sound really is, and that allows the listener to get closer to the music that the performers want to express. It is not comparable with the simple change of cables or preferences of sound. In addition, for perfect sound implementation, the inside of dCBL-CAT7u consists of 4 differential transmission cab- les, and each of which is shielded with an aluminum compound foil shield. They are then covered with a copper braided shield to be very resilient against noise. Also, the maximum frequency for signal transmission is 1600MHz, which supports Category 7A standards and fully supports 10/100/1000Base-T and 10GBase-T Ethernet standards.

Audiophiles who run network audio systems will find it difficult to say that they are truly enjoying their network audio system without experiencing the dCBL-CAT7u. The dCBL-CAT7u will be the one you’ve been dreaming of to confi- gure the perfect ultra-high-end network audio system.

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