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Idag en klassiker, med små modifieringar efter resans gång. En av Sladds favoriter jämte QRS Mist/Sky High och Burmester B80. En av de få man kan köra all musik på, högt...

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295 000 kr


Läs kanontest i Ljud & Bild här:

"En högtalare med österrikiska anor får man naturligtvis förvänta sig ska lyckas fint med klassiska verk. Men Die Musik låter alldeles förträffligt med annan musik också, vilket gör att de flesta skivor man lyssnar på får ett nytt liv."

Test från The abso!ute sound här:

"The Music is thrilling, dynamic, eminently musical, and truly full-range, with deep-bass extension and weight, as well as highs that go out to the stratosphere."

Engelska Hifi+ issue 140:

"...As impressive as The Music is in physical and aesthetic terms, it doesn't prepare you for the sheer scale, power, and musical impact of
their performance. This isn't just a flagship speaker because it's Vienna's most expensive product: it's a genuine flagship performer when
compared to the competition."

HIFI+ januari 2018:

"The Music’s achievements are serial: available in either mixed wood veneer and piano black, or all piano black, they offer a frankly astonishing quality of fit, finish, and mechanical execution together with a musical performance that belies their price." 

"there’s nothing shy or retiring about this speaker except its ability to retreat behind the music. Instead, it’s a speaker to aspire to and to live with: a genuine destination, rather than a waypoint on some endless quest."

"It has the capacity to engage and surprise, to shock and seduce with equal ease."

System type 3-way system, employing integrated subwoofers
Frequency response 22 - 100.000 Hz
Bass drivers 3 x 9" Vienna Acoustics Spidercones, manufactured by Eton Germany
Midrange Coax driver 1 x 7" Vienna Acoustics Flat-Spider, 1 x 1" , handcoated vented neodym-magnet powered silk dome, manufactured by Eton Germany
Supertweeter 0,5" ScanSpeak
Sensitivity 91 dB
Impedance 4 ohms
Recommended power amplifiers from 50 to 500 watts
Weight per speaker 180 Ibs. / 82 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 10.75 x 50.98 x 24.80 inches 
273 x 1295 x 630 mm
Finishes Sapele, Piano Black

The Music

Passion, skill, leadership, innovation, vision, harmony, teamwork: the words that evoke Klimt and his Art were also always target for Vienna Acoustics and the company’s latest achievement, the first model out of the Klimt Series, "THE MUSIC". 


Vienna Acoustics´ "THE MUSIC" introduces a truly revolutionary new flat, concentric 18 cm driver that closely approximates the Platonic ideal for which speaker designers have been striving. It places 7 octaves of music in a single, phase coherent time plane. With a wave launch that mimics a "pebble dropped in a still pond", this remarkable driver reproduces spatial coherence unfamiliar to anyone, save perhaps the original recording engineer.

The physics of this patented driver are an outgrowth of Vienna´s longstanding use of reinforced cones designed to maximize strength at nodal multiples, while keeping mass to a functional minimum.
Flat cones actually do not provide stiffness, but we turned a disadvantage into an advantage by our patented one-sided-cone-light-weight-framing. Not only this delivers the best weight-stiffness ratio of any construction (the construction coming close in stiffness is sandwich, but it is too heavy as it needs a second layer and a dense honeycomb mesh), it also allows specific and calculated sound and impulse-response tuning by varying the quantity of ribs, their shape, their thickness, radial or concentric orientation, and specified placements on critical spots.

Basis for the cone material is TPX, in a proprietary mix with other materials for the optimum result of stiffness/inner-damping ratio in combination with light-weight-framing on the cone's rear side. The maximum final stiffness is defined by adding glass fibres to the compound, aligned in the optimum arrangement by according injection moulding tool execution.  All cones are developed and produced by Vienna Acoustics in Austria, afterwards manufactured to a complete driver by Eton Germany.

By using finite element analysis, Vienna Acoustics´chief designer Peter Gansterer was able to create a radial-vaned structure (like architecture scientists we place a rib where necessary), cast into the flat cone that produces an enormously stiff, flat surface (thereby eliminating time and frequency specific phase shift across the driver), with a new state of the art silk dome tweeter, using a vented neodymium magnet structure placed in its center.
Years of development made the flat cone possible, for Peter Gansterer the prerequisite of a realization of the optimum reproduction unit, a coax. Having 2 drivers at the same center (point source), results in otherwise inaccessible homogenous sound, but current technology of cone shaped midrange diaphragms disqualifies itself by unacceptable colorations of the tweeter by the cone induced hornloading. In our technology it enjoys a flat surrounding as usual in highend applications. Similarily, the midrange itself is uncomparable in its lack of coloration: Cone-shaped drivers reproduce upper midrange mainly by the inner part, which again suffers from the hornloadings distortion.
At the same time our flat cone is ultra-stiff because of the ribs and the glassfibers, but exhibiting smooth musical sound due to the soft inner damping of the TPX material. The resulting piston like behaviour extends the frequency span, resulting in a range from 100 Hz to 20.000 Hz from the coax alone, defining it as the heart of the speaker, thereby being also the heart of music reproduction. We are that enthusiastic about this music center that we gave it its own cabinet.

Above and Below

While the top-unit handles mid and upper bass in its own enclosure, below this primary driver we built a separate large enclosure, featuring 3 proprietary bass drivers, each with our on proprietary 25 cm ultra rigid NAWI cones die cast by Spidercone-framing (finally assembled also by Eton Germany), handling the frequencies from 18 Hz to 100 Hz.

The 3 units are working in parallel, while the upper bass operates in its own chamber.

Finally, a remarkable Supertweeter, manufactured by the Danish high-end specialist ScanSpeak, tops the lower enclosure, extending response from 20.000 Hz upwards to 100.000 Hz.
During development we revealed that piezo technology, which is used in the super-tweeter, has superior advantages above 20.000 Hz (optimum dispersion, acting like balloon inflating).

Form follows function

The total decoupling from the bass chambers allows the coax music center, in its dedicated housing, to reach the absolute optimum in clarity and naturalness in sound.

The cabinetry is clearly evolved to make the most of this technology; the separatetop-unit enclosure is decoupled from the bass enclosure by a high-tec, drawn aluminium swiveljoint, which allows optimum room tuning by enable not only adjustment for rake, but also for toe-in.

This allows you to create a sweet zone rather than a narrow sweet spot. By adjusting the dedicated coax point source cabinet and directing it like swivelling a flashlight you are able to easily create the sweet zone wherever wanted. Furthermore this allows for optimizing the sound to any room condition as many rooms will strongly benefit from the reduction of the disturbing early reflections which cannot properly be separated from the direct signal by the human ear.

As always, the speakers´veneer and finish quality is to the highest of standards. "THE MUSIC" is available in true Piano Black version and Sapele veneer finish.

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