Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand Symphony Edition Expand

Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand Symphony Edition

Vienna Acoustics


En fin högtalare i början på Viennas trappstege. Spelar fint även i lite större rum, byggd i Europa och flera kunder använder den även till hårdare musik!

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53 000 kr


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"Mozart SE är den senaste inkarnationen av österrikarnas storsäljare. Och den blir bara bättre och bättre med åren och uppgraderingarna."

Kanontest av Vienna Mozart i Stereophile

Tone Audio kanontest av Vienna Mozart SE

"The Vienna Acoustics Mozart SEs combine musical accuracy with dynamic ability in a compact and stylish package.  They are not only worthy of one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2012, they are one of the best speaker values this writer has encountered in a long time."

The Absolute Sound testar Vienna Mozart SE

"A terrific value, yet so beautifully constructed and appointed it could easily be at home with the black-tie-and-Chanel crowd at an opening night gala at the Vienna Opera House or Musikverein. And if that’s not something to dance about I don’t know what is."

Soundstage Hifi testar Vienna Mozart SE

"- - - its genuine strengths include: generously full bass that belies the speaker’s size; silky-sweet, thoroughly extended highs; and a smooth, sultry midrange that gives the sound real presence and makes it an absolute joy to use for listening to all kinds of music. Overall, the Mozart Grand SE is more about high musicality than ruthless accuracy, and makes no apologies for that -- nor should it. While I value textbook accuracy, I’ll be the first to say that in my room the Mozart Grand SEs sounded great, and that I listened to more music through them than I ever thought I would.

And of course there are also appearance and build quality, which can go unnoticed or ignored. For those who are décor conscious and want to show off their audio gear rather than hide it away, the Mozart Grand SE exhibits a rare level of craftsmanship and old-world charm that gives this affordable floorstander true luxury appeal. All told, the Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand Symphony Edition is as easy on the eyes as it is on the ears -- for $3500, it’s not only a very good loudspeaker; it’s a great value."

Mozart Grand Symphony Edition 

Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency response 30Hz – 22kHz
Sensitivity 90 dB
Recommended Amplifier 30 – 200 Watts
Tweeter  1.1” Hand Coated VA Silk Dome
Mid-Woofers (1)  6” X3P, (2) 6” Spider-Cone™ X3P
Bass Function
Impulse Optimizing QB 3 (Quasi-Butterworth)
Bass System Bass Reflex
Crossover System Two and a Half Way
Crossover Components MKP Capacitor 1% Tolerance
Coils 0.7% tol., Air Coils
Metal Film Resistors    1% Inductance Free
Weight per Pair 116lbs/52.6kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) inches 8.5” x 38.25” 13.5”
mm 216mm x 972mm x 343mm
Finishes Cherry, Premium Rosewood, Piano Black and Piano White

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